What's in store


'' Still suffering withdrawal symptoms from Pantomime,( it really does take your life over folks), it's something to do with the rush of two shows a day for 4 weeks and then suddenly it stops and you don''t know what to do with the adrenalin.

So now that's behind me,.... ( "It's Behind You"......."Oh No It Is'nt" ), see what I mean, I'm looking forward to ploughing on with me memoirs,learning Italian,getting some quality flying hours in and then, after Lunch..... anyway whatever the year holds lets hope we stay busy and healthy.

Meanwhile I must keep my trombone lip in good fettle for the next round of England games.

Meanwhile rumours abound re. future band gigs,Names and venues being bandied around include Ricky Hatton in Las Vegas.....Wembley....the mind boggles.Watch this space !