Hey Las Vegas

Go Ricky Go !

Bernie always dreamed of appearing in Las Vegas but did'nt guess that he would be there as a supporting act to World Champion Boxer Ricky Hatton.

''When I heard that the England Band,(I'm their 2nd trombonist you know) were supporting Ricky in his title fight,I asked please,pretty please, can I go too''.And so he was there with the Band at the weigh in ,and at the fight itself, helping ,if help were needed,to whip up the 10,000 british fans into a frenzy.

"The Yanks had thought they'd seen it all but even they were flabbergasted at the level of the British support and I was so proud to have been part of it with the England Band.

if you'd like to capture the mood, click link below and view "The Kings of Vegas"... it's a 5min.26sec. clip of the Granada TV. report of the vegas experience and well worth a watch